Logging in as an existing user

When you first recieve your onboarding email you will be greeted with a form entailing all user specific information that will be attached to your profile.


After ensuring all of this information is correct and setting a new password inside of the password fields when you are ready you can click save and continue which will bring you back to the login page.

At the Login page use your email address that the onboarding message was sent to. The password is the password you just set within the previous form.

After clicking login, you will be prompted for a code using multi-factor authentication. Multi factor authentication is set by default and cannot be turned off. This is to ensure that our users accounts are safe and secure.
However you can temporarily turn off MFA for 30 days.


There are three main types of authentication when logging in to the application:

  • Phone App
  • SMS
  • Email

When first logging in, email will be set as the default and it will be attached to the email you used to log in.

To use SMS or Email as your preffered method of application your account needs to be associated with an email and a phone number.

If you do not have one associated with your account, the respective option will not be presented.

Email and phone number can be updated in user settings -> general.


To use the phone app go to the app store and download authy by twilio.

Inside of user settings -> authentication choose 'App' as the method. This will prompt you with a QR code you can scan with using the authy app you just downloaded.


Inside of the authy app click 'Add Account'. Then click Scan Qr Code.

Scan the QR code inside of your account settings and you are all set.

This code will change every 30 seconds. You can break the exisiting connection by clicking on regenerate QR Code in authentication settings.